We are glad to launch the website of the Tomoeda Family.

It is said that the Tomoeda family moved to Higo (Kumamoto Prefecture) from Kyoto when Gion Shrine in Kyoto made their branch shrine in Higo during the Johei period (931–937). As a family representing court music and dance of Gion Shrine, our ancestors traveled all the way to Higo.

It is not clear when the Tomoeda family became to take a part in Noh plays. However, it is said that when Kiyomasa Kato (1562—1611) was the feudal lord of Higo, our ancestor, Daizen Tomoeda, stood up to the Lord regarding the Noh plays dedicated to deity. As with under the Lord Kiyomasa Kato, the Tomoeda family was treated with high respect as the designated Noh player household of the Hosokawa regime, which ruled Higo after Kato regime.

Noh plays suffered as result of the tide of modernization beginning with the Meiji Restoration (1867–1872). During this time, the Tomoeda Kai was established in the early Meiji period (1870’s) by Saburo Tomoeda, who was a mentor to the 14th master of the Kita school, Roppeita Kita. Since then, the Tomoeda Kai was succeeded by his sons Tameki and Toshiki Tomoeda. After the Second World War, the then-family head, Kikuo Tomoeda, moved to Tokyo and continued to lead the Tomoeda Kai.

The Tomoeda family, now headed by Akiyo Tomoeda, continues to uphold Noh plays as an unique and precious part of the Japanese culture to heirs Takehito and Shinya Tomoeda and to their future generations.

Through this website, we would like more of you to comprehend the splendor of Noh plays. At the same time, we aim to carry on the tradition of authentic Noh plays through the Noh of the Tomoeda family.

We will present you updated information of the performance schedules of the Tomoeda family members, and also regarding the details of Noh plays.

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Akiyo Tomoeda

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